If you are used to watch movies and series on the streaming sites for free, then you must've heard at least one time about the great PutLocker site which is one of the most popular streaming sites ever created. This PutLocker brand used to be more popular in the past than it is now, it succeeded to grow in a very short time after it was launched many years ago but in the present it seems some people forgot about this good site and started to watch their favorite movies and series on other free streaming sites like 123Movies, ProjectFreeTV or on the paid platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. There is nothing bad about it because everybody can choose which site works the best for them but we are here with this short article to remind you how good PutLocker site is and why it deserves your attention.

PutLocker used to have an old-fashioned design theme which was not the best when it comes to user experience but recently this site has been through a major update and all the important stuff about this site have been changed and upgraded. Now PutLocker benefits of a brand new design and even if it's inspired by 123Movies, it has enough custom modifications so you can't confuse these two sites.

The design is not the only one who's been through changes in the last time, because the team behind PutLocker seemed to know about the importance of the content and they also made a major update for their database. It wasn't small before, but clearly some improvements were necessary and after their last update, PutLocker is now offering nearly 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes, all of them available for free in HD quality. The best part about this site is that you don't have to create an account in order to watch movies and shows, you just have to search through the collection, choose anything you would like to watch and just click play and the movie will start running without interruptions.

Probably you've observed that sometimes one pop ad will jump out when you are trying to play a movie. We are very sorry if you are ever being bothered by advertising on PutLocker but this is not under our control. The video players available on this site are provided by a non-affiliate third party and even if we've had long talks about the fact that we don't want any ads on our players, sometimes you might still see them but we want to assure you we are working hard in order to get rid of all the ads as fast as possible.